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Alphatech Group 2004 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
200/129 Nawamin Road, Klongkum, Buengkum, Bangkok Thailand 10240
Tel: 0-2738-7300 , Fax: 0-2738-7301 , Email:

    Currently, In addition to product sales, good after sales service is also important because it would lead to customer satisfaction

    Product maintenance service provided to the customers is one of the principal strategies in establishing good customer relation.

    Alphatech deems that honest and sincere after sales service to be an important key factor in establishing good customer relation.

    We supply suitable spare parts for microscopes to be well-maintained in very good price. Alphatech Group 2004 (Thailand)Co., Ltd.  is your one-stop solution to all microscope,

    We could provide comprehensive services, including checking, cleaning and repair.

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