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    LV-S01 Laser Doppler Vibrometer

    LVS-01 uses advanced non-contact dynamic interference technology for precise measurement of vibration, speed, and displacement. Its versatility enables it to be configured for both large and small objects



    • Non-contact measurement for all kinds of vibration
    • Multi-function and accurate arithmetic software effortlessly supplies you with the information that you need
    • High spatial resolution
    • Compact design and robust housing. Multiple laser sensor measurement adjustable for different kinds of industrial field
    • Safe visible red laser
    • Integrated solution: contains optical part, signal processing part, software and signal sampling card.
    • Easily mounted on tripod 

    1. Motor dynamics and rotation accuracy measurement.
    2. Machine tool dynamics and accuracy measurement.
    3. Diagnosis analysis in life sciences, medicine, zoology.
    4. Automotive industry: motor, gear, brakes, tire, exhaust air system, car body, etc.
    5. Computer peripherals dynamic test: hard drive, CD machine, tape machine, head disc interface and so on.
    6. MEMS system dynamic test.
    7. Bridge and structure vibration test.

    8. Accessory displacement geometrical error, roughness and thickness measurement.

    9. Mechanical vibration detection and fault diagnosis.

    10. Test for flexible objects, high temperature objects, rotating objects.





    Operation temperature


    Operation humidity



    200~240Vrms, 50-60hz, 100W

    Laser Wavelength

    He-Ne 632.8nm, class 2

    Work distance

    0.15 ~ 2m (dependent upon surface)

    Max. velocity

    30mm/s for low speed & 3m/s for high speed

    Frequency Range

    1Hz to 100kHz

    Max. linearity error


    Dimension (optical)

    340mm * 190mm * 70mm

    Dimension (electronic)

    347mm * 300mm * 147mm

    Speed resolution


    Displacement resolution (@500Hz)


    Displacement resolution (@20kHz)


    Acceleration resolution (@500Hz)


    Acceleration resolution (@20kHz)



    Supporting Software 

    Quick Signal Analyzer (QuickSA) is a real time signal analyzer developed specifically for Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV)

    This is a very user friendly software that provide the capability of FFT spectrum analysis, band past/stop signal filtering, displacement, velocity and acceleration signal display.  


    • Real-time results display and analysis
    • Advanced time domain and frequency domain analysis
    • Multiple signal filter and peak signal lock
    • Acceleration and displacement output


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