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    สินค้า : Metallurgical Microscope-> Metallurgical Microscope Model AT 410
    Metallurgical Microscope Model AT 410

    10X/22mm plan objective eyepiece, bright field/dark field/polarizer/DIC observation, Infinity Long Working Distance bright and dark field metallurgical objectives 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, Quintuple Nosepiece, 6" stage, travel 158x 158mm, with fast clutch lever, Input  90-240V

    • Optical system: color corrected infinity optical system (CCIS)
    • Eyepieces: PL10X high point Plan eyepieces with 22mm (in diameter) field of view and WH25X high point Plan eyepieces with 9mm (in diameter) field of view
    • Head: 25 degree inclined gemel trinocular with vertical image and 100% prismatic rate
    • Nosepiece: build-in quintuple nosepiece with BF and DF
    • Objective: infinity Plan Achromatic metallographic 5X/0.17/12, 10X/0.25/6, 20X/0.4/5, 50X/0.7/2, 80X/0.8/1 for both BF and DF
    • Focusing System: coaxial coarse and fine; moving range: 33mm, fine precision: 0.001mm
    • Stage: 6" rectangle mechanical stage; moving range: 158mm x 158mm; low hand adjustment and clutch for swift moving control
    • Illuminator: reflected Kohler illuminator with BF and DF; 12V/100W halogen; digital adjustment of brightness and light renew function
    • Power Supply: 110V (220/240V version available)


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